WhatsApp Formatting Tips

How to Format your Words in WhatsApp Messages?

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WhatsApp Formatting Tips

A. Writing Bold, Italic and Strike-through Words in Whats app

WhatsApp Formatting Tips: Messages sent through popular Whats app messenger can be formatted. You can easily send messages in Bold, Italic or strike through formats.
1. To make a word or sentence Bold just add two asterisks (*) (stars) before and after. Don’t give space. Follow the example given bellow.
*This is Bold*
It will automatically make the sentence bold. You can also use it with a single word or phrase with in a sentence or paragraph.
Changing Whats app Font
2. To make Italic, you need to add two underscore (_) just before and after the word or sentence. You can see the words turned italic as you gave the second underscore. Follow the bellow given example.
_This is Italic_
Don’t give any space after the first underscore and before the second underscore.
3. To make a word or sentence Strikethrough, you can use tilde before and after just like the above two examples. Here is an example of making this-
~This is strikethrough~
Just like the other formating options don’t use space after first tilde and before second tilde.

B. Changing the Font.

Well, there are not so many fonts available for whats app users but you can change the default font with new cool “FixedSys” font while writing and sending message by adding three ` characters just before and after the word or sentence.
Just like the above formatting examples, don’t use space after the first three ` characters and before last three ` characters. The following example will help you understand.
“`New Font“`
This ` character is easily available for android users in their default keyboard. But iOS users may need to install another keyboard to use that character.
These above codes not working. What should I do?
Ok, If this is happening with your Whats-app messenger and you are not able to format the words as per the instructions given above, please check your version of Whatsapp and update it. If it’s not working after that, you may try reinstalling the app from the store.
WhatsApp Formatting Tips
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