Turn Your iPhone into a Language Translator

Vocre is a free app that makes your iPhone into a language translator. No matter where you are on this planet, you can speak and understand every language. This small iPhone app is doing a great job by making the world closer. Although we are living in one world, the language divides us. We as human always wish to talk with people and to know more about them. While travelling countries you must need a guide and translator to understand the native language of that country and this app is doing the same thing here. So just use your iPhone and you will never need any translator. Moreover this is a Free app and you can easily download and install this. Follow the link given bellow to download this app.

Language translator app VocreDownload Vocre for Free

How to Use Vocre :

  • Select the Vocre app and then select your language as well as your gender. Then Select the language of the Person you wish to talk.
  • Now Flip your iPhone upside down and hold it just like the microphone.
  • A Small mic icon appears and you can here the small beep. Then just after the beep, speak your phrase.
  • Now after some second, the phrase you said will be written on your iPhone screen. You can review that and edit if it’s not correct.
  • Now flip the iPhone towards the other person you are talking in a 180 degrees angle.  Now the translation will be done and appear on the iPhone screen and also it will be played. So the person can listen and understand that perfectly.
  • To continue the conversation just repeat the steps again and again.

So Isn’t it an amazing app? Yes, this is very helpful too. Hats off to the developer for making it and again for distributing it as free. This newly launched 12.9 MB sized app is not only for your iPhone but also compatible with iPad and iPod Touch. However it requires iOS 4.0 or later to run. Really this makes your iPhone into a great travel-mate for you.

Here is the Video That will help you know more about this app. However all the features of Vocre shown in this video are not included to the app yet and they will be soon added to it.

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