Updated on 8th Feb. 2012

Sometimes you need to delete or remove someone from your Facebook friend list due to multiple reasons. You might not like his/her activities on Facebook and you may wish to unfriend with that friend. So facebook has simple option to remove that friend from your list and make your Facebook profile clean. There are two ways to do this. The first one is helpful to remove one friend at a time, but if youy are sick with the bad activities of multiple friends on facebook, this is not suitable then. At that case use the 2nd way to remove friends in a batch from Facebook profile.

Remove Friends From Facebook – 1st. Way

  • Navigate to the friends page or profile.
  • Find the “Friends” button just like the bellow image. If your friend has activated Facebook Time Line Feature, this can be found just bellow to the cover photo and if that’s not a timeline activated profile, you can find this button in top right corner area.
Remove Friends in Facebook
  • Just Mouse hover or click the “Friends” button and a drop-down list will be displayed.
  • Click the “Unfriend” option.
  • Confirm the Unfriend by clicking the big blue button on the pop-up message that says “Remove from Friends
  • Done. That person is no more your friend in Facebook

Remove Friends From Facebook – 2nd. Way

  • After logging in to Facebook type “Edit Friends” in the search box.
  • Find the “Edit Friends” in the search result and click on that.
Remove Multiple Facebook Friends
  • Now you can find all your friends in a single place. So you can delete or remove them easily here.
  • Those users having Timeline feature enabled, Just mouse hover on their name (Don’t Click). It will show you the “Friends” button. Click on that and choose the “Unfriend” option from the list.
  • Users having no Timeline Feature enabled, can find the “Friends” button just to the right of each friend in the list. Click on that button and select “Unfriend” option.
  • Repeat this process for each friend you wish to remove from your Facebook Friends List.


  1. Thanks for tips…

  2. Shivam khandelwal

    very nice………………….

  3. Shamanis

    This is still incredibly slow and painful.

  4. TJ

    if u do the 2nd way, click unfriend then remove as friend, and if u want to remove more than one at a time without the page reloading, dont click ok and select another friend to delete. its a lot faster

  5. gnm

    yess, I am also struggling, it is not comfortable at all…

    You can work on two pages, one page works to review the list and it stays still, once you find who to unfriend, go to the other page which is again the “friends” page, type the name on search box and unfriend.
    This way, you can continue where you left, using the first page….

    But the list is not Alphabetic…. so it’s still not very comfortable….

    I want to review everyone, so I also started to list friends by letter,
    For example I write A and see all, and then B….

    still working on it….

    I hope it’s usefull…

  6. Sangeet Kant Jain

    this method just sucks….. i have a huge friend list including both Business and Family friends…..now i want both of the freinds list in separate profile …and when I tried to delete one of the lists of friends ….it just sucks and irritates….I dont know what FB people are working on…. i think FB is getting more confusing day by day ….

  7. ravi singh

    Excellent tip indeed , thanking you for the help



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