Fun With Ben: The Talking Dog

Talking Ben The Dog - iPhone appTalking Ben the Dog, is a free iPhone app to entertain you, when you will getting bored or you are alone with nothing to do. This app has a dog named “Ben”. Ben is a retired chemistry professor who can make fun with you by taking. When you open this app, ben will be busy at reading the news paper. You have to poke Ben’s news paper then he will fold it and ready to talk. You can even have a telephone conversation with him. 

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iPhone App - Ben The Talking Dog
How to Play Talking Ben the Dog

  • Open the Game.
  • Poke on the newspaper that Ben is reading. So he will fold it and ready to talk with you.
  • Start talking anything and Ben will repeat that in the same way.
  • You can slap at Ben’s Belly, face, foot or hands if you get angry.
  • If you wish to talk with him by phone, tap on the phone button. So Ben will receive the phone and you can even record that conversation as a video and there options to share it on YouTube and Facebook.
  • When You feel Ben is hungry, there are some foods and drinks available to offer him.
  • If you wish to visit the chemistry lab of Ben, Press the chemistry button. You can mix the chemicals present in the test tubes to see the funny chemical reactions.

So this game is simply awesome and don’t feel that you are alone and getting bored.

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