How to Stop People Tagging You in Facebook

This is a very common problem for most of the Facebook users. When some one tag you in any shared photo it affects your privacy. May be once you had taken a group photo with some friends and some one from your circle uploaded that photo in to Facebook and Tag you in that photo then the photo points to your profile. Instead of your attempt to make your photos and profile private, that photo shows “you” to everyone. This is known as a classic problem for Facebook users. This problem became more problematic when your profile has been tagged with some bad or unwanted photos. So everyone wants to get rid of this and you can find the way bellow:

The simple way to remove the tag from a photo is to, browse that photo and find your profile name. Use Ctrl+F and type your Facebook profile name. This will highlight your name and find the link “Remove Tag” near your name. Click on that link. Done. You have removed the tag successfully.

But this not the job yo should do regularly. So you need to change the privacy setting. So that people can’t tag you in their photos any more.

How to Stop People Tagging You in Photos (Privacy Settings)

Stop People from Tagging You in Facebook

  • Login to Facebook and go to the Privacy Setting
  • Inside the Custom tab click on “Customize settings” link
  • On the next page inside the “Things others share” section find the “Photos and videos I’m tagged in” and click on the “Edit Settings”.
  • On the pop-up window chose “Customize” option from the drop-down list.
  • On the next pop-up window Chose “Only Me” from the drop-down list. That means only you can tag yourself and no other people. And if you wish to block specific people from tagging you, you can chose “Hide this from” option and type the name of that person. Facebook will show the suggested name and chose that. Click on “Save Setting”. You can add and block more people by using this option too.

Now your profile is safe from unwanted photo or Video tagging.


20 thoughts on “How to Stop People Tagging You in Facebook”

  1. Actually, sorry people but this is wrong…when you click on ‘Photos and videos you are tagged in”, a pop up box appears, if you read that box its says….

    • The new Facebook profile puts a row of recently tagged photos of you at the top of your profile. Please note that your privacy settings have not changed. Only people you’ve allowed to view photos you’re tagged in will see these photos on your profile.


      Who can see photos and videos I’m tagged in
      Friends Only
      Friends of Friends
      Friends Only

      If you read that, it clearly says, all you are doing is stopping other people from seeing pictures you are tagged in, it does not stop people from tagging you

  2. Meg is correct, the requested privacy option is not in facebook yet 🙁
    All you can do is ask the person not to tag you in unwanted pictures or remove him from your friends list, no option from fb side.


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