Steps To Install Flash Player On Android Jelly Bean Device

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Install Flash Player On Android Jelly Bean DeviceThe new version of android Jelly Bean 4.1, doesn’t support Flash Player. So it’s not possible to run the flash applications or animations through your android device running on Jelly Bean. However, this guide can help you in this regard and you can install the flash player on your Android Jelly Bean device. But you can’t expect a smooth run of flash as the OS is not supporting this. Also you can only run the flash by using Dolphin Browser HD. Yes, you need Dolphin Browser HD app for this. No other browser even Chrome for Android doesn’t support this.

After the controversy between Apple and Adobe, Most of the iOS devices don’t support flash at all. And this latest android version Jelly Bean 4.1 also went on the same track. So Adobe too has stopped working and developing flash for mobile devices. But till now we, the user need flash and we have not stopped using flash.

So you will need to download Dolphin Browser HD and Adobe Flash Player before starting the guide to Install Flash Player On Android Jelly Bean Tablet or Smartphone. Follow the steps bellow. It’s not so much technical.

Download Flash Player (version – Click Here – Size: 4.49 MB

Download Dolphin Browser HD (Version 8.5.1) – Click Here – Size: 3.42 MB

Now enable  installation from unknown sources by going to Settings > Security > Check Unknown Sources (If you had not done this previously).

How to Install?

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1. Before installing flash, You have to remove the Dolphin Browser HD or Flash player, if you had installed any of them previously. Also be ensured that you have cleared all data while uninstalling through the Android App Manager. We will download and install .

2. Copy all the downloaded files to your SD card of your Jelly Bean 4.1 powered android smart phone or tablet.

3. You can use any file Manager to install them. But install the Flash Player APK first and then Dolphin Browser HD.

4. Start Dolphin Browser HD. Go to the Settings and turn on flash player option. Close the Browser and run it again.

5. Done. Now your Android Jelly Bean 4.1 powered device has it’s Flash Player.

Here is a Video Instruction on How to Install Flash Player On Android Jelly Bean Device :

 Reference : Stempox

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