How to Deactivate / Delete Facebook Account

How to Deactivate Facebook Account

You landed on this page because you might be thinking of deleting or deactivating your Facebook account. Deactivate and Delete of FB profile will help you get rid of this social network. But, both are different actions and you should not be confused. Here is the difference between them: Difference between Deactivate and Delete of … Read more

How to Backup WhatsApp Messages and Attachments

Backup WhatsApp

 How to Backup WhatsApp Messages We often need to clean our whats app chats and delete the media files due to storage problems. Having long conversations in WhatsApp chats and group chats may cause slowing down your phone. But deleting all those media and cleaning all the chat history is not always recommended and we … Read more

4 Ways to Hide or Disable Facebook SideBar Ticker


One of my friend told me not to visit Facebook for 3days, if you wish to see a new Facebook every time. His statement was about the frequent changes happening in Facebook. Facebook is upgrading it’s look and functionality very fast with new features. But it may not happen that every feature will be popular and the users like that. Yes, I am talking about that Real time Sidebar Ticker, that not only confused me but also a lot of users. In Simple words I don’t like that feature and I just wish to remove that thing from my Facebook home page. However there is not an official option available yet to hide or disable this sidebar ticker. But if you are a Google Chrome user this is not too difficult for you. There are extensions already released  for this purpose.

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The Best Ways to Download Facebook Videos


Love that video in Facebook? And wish to download it ? Although Facebook doesn’t provide any download option to download that video, but you can use any of the bellow given options to save that Facebook video in your hard drive. Most of the times Facebook users shares the videos hosted at other platforms (Like : YouTube) not in Facebook. So You should identify the video before downloading whether it’s hosted in Facebook or not. If it’s an YouTube Video, you can find the logo of YouTube there. So it’s not difficult to recognize a Facebook hosted Video.

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How to Stop Someone From Writing on Your Facebook Wall / Timeline


Are you getting fed up with the posts by your friends on your Facebook wall ? Yes, your friends can write on your Facebook wall and if you don’t like that thing, you can change the privacy setting. So only you can write on your own  wall. When someone writes anything on your wall, that you don’t like, you can delete that post easily. But we all need a permanent solution to this problem, which will prevent others from writing on our own wall. This is important, because that post by someone else will be displayed in our profile page and can be seen by other friends on our network. Facebook has some simple privacy settings to solve this problem. Follow the steps bellow

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Untag Facebook Photos Using PhotoBox iPhone App

Facebook Untag

Sometimes Facebook Photo Tagging became very ugly for our Facebook Profile and we just want to get rid of that. If you find a tagged photo and wish to remove that from your profile, you have to untag that photo manually. If you are using iPhone and wish a perfect app to make this operation, the PhotoBox app is a nice solution. This is a Free app available at iTunes Store to download. Find the download link bellow this paragraph. This app makes the untaging operation very easy for Facebook users in iPhone.

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How to Know Who Unfriends You in Facebook


Most of the time you might have wished to know who removed you from his/her Facebook friends list. But officially there is no way to know about this. Although we all get notified about the approval of new friends requests but Facebook keeps the unfriend data hidden from us. However if you are not getting notification, when someone approves your friends request, you might have disabled it from the privacy setting.

When Someone removes or deletes you from his/her Facebook Friends list, Facebook also make an auto removal of that person from your friends list too. So neither you nor that person will be get updated about each other’s Facebook activity. But although Facebook doesn’t allow you to know those unfriended friends, but you can know about them easily with some useful tools.

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