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Skyfire Web Browser for iPhone, iPad, AndroidHave you ever faced problems for playing flash videos with your cell phone browser. The error messages are really disgusting. Skyfire web browser is the best solution to it. This browser is the best one to deal with the flash videos. Insted of showing you an error message Skyfire will transcode the flash video into HTML5 using its own server and shows you the best Video without any problem. However it should be clear that Skyfire doesn’t support flash games or flash apps.The Skyfire browser is available for both Android and iOS. Find the download links bellow this paragraph.

Download Skyfire Web Browser for iPhone
Download Skyfire Web Browser for iPad
Download Skyfire Web Browser Android

You need to download and install a separate Skyfire browser for iPad. It’s not the same that can be used for iPhone. This could be a great alternative for iPhone users to watch Flash videos from different websites. Although all websites showing flash videos are not supported by Skyfire, but it can work properly with most of the popular online video websites (more than 100,000). The development team is working for this. And hopefully more websites will be added soon. This app has been the most popular utility in US App store few months ago and its cloud-computing technology transcodes the videos from flash to an iPhone friendly format. So you can watch the Video easily.

Download Skyfire Web Browser

The Facebook and Twitter Quickview allows you to access Facebook and Twitter in more easy way. You can access the facebook and twitter news feed, your profile, friends, the popular pages shared by your friends and access the videos shared.

Also this browser has the features like: Private Browsing option, Video search option (This will search videos from various websites), Share the interesting things via Twitter and Facebook, Other sharing sites are also available, The tab browsing option etc.

Video: Skyfire for Android

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