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Search Google by ImagesYou might have tried the newly launched Search by Images feature of Google Search. If not, try it Here. Being the most innovative and popular search engine on the web, Google always tries to give the users the best search results. There are so many innovations from Google Lab every time and this time the new thing is related to Image search. If you have found any image on the web or from any source and you wish to know more about that image, this newly launched feature is a great tool to help you. Previously it was not possible to search something using any image, as search engine can’t read images. But the app developed for Smart phones known as Google Goggles enabled users to search things by taking picture. Same technology also used in this new search feature (I assume).

This feature is also helpful to find the details of a picture stored in your hard drive. Go to and click on the small camera icon located on the right side of the search box. Then upload the picture and it will show you the details of that picture like: what the picture is about, some information from different web pages and also similar pictures available on the web. You can also drag and drop the image on the search box directly. It will upload that automatically. The search result is really intelligent. I had an image related to Thanksgiving day and I changed the name of that image before uploading it to the search engine. I thought it might give wrong result. But it didn’t. I got the exact result.

Search Google Using Pictures

Google Chrome Extension for Search by Images :

There is an extension available in the Chrome web store, which will make this search by images even more easy. After installing this, when you come across any images on the web, just right click on that and you will see the option to search Google with that image. This will open the search result in a new tab and it’s really a time saving utility for everyone. Follow the bellow download link to install this extension on your Google Chrome browser.

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Download and Install the extension here

Click the Install Button.

The extension will be downloaded and installed.

Open any webpage with some images and right click on any one of them. You can see the new option to search Google by images.

Watch the Video on Search Google by Images:

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