10 Android Apps to Take the Screenshot

Capture the Screen with the top 10 Screen Capture Andriod Apps:

There is a simple way to take the screen shot of anything displayed in iPhone. Some Android devices are also having similar kind of functionality but not every android device has a built in screenshot shortcut. So our effort is to make your search for a perfect and suitable screenshot app easy and simple. Here you can find the top 10 screen capturing app for your android smartphone and install anyone of them. Some Android screenshot apps requires the root permission and some are not. So choose the best suitable app for your device.

Best Android Snapshot apps:

Screenshot Free

Snapshot App for AndroidA nice free screen capturing tool for your android smartphone. The app allows you to take the screenshot of everything just by one shake. After taking the screenshot, you can edit that image with the help of available tools in this app. Tools like crop, pencil etc can be used for editing. The option to share the captured or edited screenshot in social networking sites like  Facebook, Google+, evernote etc. can also be found. One of the useful widget of this app also allow you to take a delayed snapshot of your home screen. This app works fine without rooting for most of the android devices. But incase you find it difficult to install the app and the error message displayed, You can perform the following steps as described by the developer of this app:

On your android phone go to Settings > Applications > Development and be sure that, the USB debugging is set to ON.

Also make sure that you have drivers installed for your phone. You can find the necessary drivers here.

Now connect the android phone to the PC by USB cable.

Download the app from here.

Unzip it and install the .bat file.


Dolphin Screen Cut

This is an add-on for your Dolphin Browser. Yes, you can only use this for web screen shots. While visiting any website, if you wish to take a picture of any web page, this add-on can be helpful. This will capture the entire screen and as well as the part of any webpage if you wish. The screen shot will be saved into your SD card or inside the photo gallery. If you don’t have the Dolphin Browser installed in your android phone, you can download it from here. This browser is also a free app and a popular web browser for android users. Remember that Dolphin Screen Cut will not work without Dolphin Browser.

Take a Screen Shot in Android

Screen Shot Capturing app for AndroidScreenshot It

A Paid app for android users that helps in capturing the screen with some useful features. You may require a rooted phone or may not be. This depends on the type of smartphone you are using. Apart from taking the screenshot the app can be used to crop that snapshot, draw and annotate that, share the screenshot etc. There will be Screenshot status bar button and screenshot widget button to help you for taking the screenshot. You can also shake to capture the screen. If you wish to take a screenshot after few seconds, the delayed screenshot timer will be helpful.

You can buy this app for $3.99 or try the trial version before buying. However you are limited to take 5 screen-shots in this free version.

Screenshot UX

Another Paid app for taking screen-shots in android phone or tablet. The main features of this app includes Analyzing possible capture method, Shake to screen shot, Edit options like crop, draw, undo, redo etc., Share menu integration for Email, MMS etc. You can define the custom folder to save the pictures. Yes, you may require a rooted phone for this app. But the following models and series of android devices don’t require the roots.

  • HTC phones
  • Gallaxy series (S,S2 etc.)
  • LG Optimus series
  • Motorola
You can get this app for $3.99 or try the Free Version of the app before buying. Yes, there is a limit of 14 screen shots in this trial version.
Screen Capture Tool for Android

Android Screen Capturing AppScreenshot ER

A free app to for screen capturing in rooted android devices. You can capture the screen by long press on search button or by device shake. Shortcuts and features like the delay timer is also available. You can delay the screen capture for maximum of 6 seconds. This is the restriction for the free version users. There is a paid version of the app is available and you can buy it for $2.98.

X-Shot Screenshot & Capture

This is a paid app and works with the android version 3.0 or more. To take the screenshot you may require to root the phone. If there is a blank image showing on taking the screen shot, you will need to root the device. After installing start the app and you can notice the app icon on the notification bar. You can get this app for $0.99.

Snapshot app for Android

Screen Capture -No Rooting 2.2

Ahh, this app doesn’t require the root. Yes, download and install this useful app for capturing the android screen. This is a Free app. This will store the captured images in your external storage i.e. the SD card.

Capture the Screen of Android Phone


A free app to solve the screen capturing problem android users. Only rooted phones are supported to use this app. The delay timer is available and you can save the captured image files in different formats like .BMP, .JPG, .PNG etc.

Screen Capture Shortcut Free

Another free app for android screen capture. Delay timer supported. There is also a paid version ($1.28) available with additional features like taking the screenshot by shaking the device etc.

Capture Android Screen App

No Root Screenshot It

Yes, you don’t require to root the device for taking a screenshot. Works fine with all the phones and no root required. If you don’t have the root access, try this amazing screen capturing app. This is a paid one and you need to spend $4.99 to buy the app. This app will instruct you to download a free Windows/Mac app. Download and Install the app. Now run the desktop application and connect the phone to the PC via USB cable. This will enable the phone to take screen shots.

No need to connect it for every time you wish to take a screen shot. Disconnect the device from PC and take screen shots. But if you have restarted the android phone, again you need to connect this with PC and run that desktop application.

If your phone is already rooted, this is not the app for you. So you need to download the other Screenshot It app.

No root android screen shot

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