4 Ways to Hide or Disable Facebook SideBar Ticker

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One of my friend told me not to visit Facebook for 3days, if you wish to see a new Facebook every time. His statement was about the frequent changes happening in Facebook. Facebook is upgrading it’s look and functionality very fast with new features. But it may not happen that every feature will be popular and the users like that. Yes, I am talking about that Real time Sidebar Ticker, that not only confused me but also a lot of users. In Simple words I don’t like that feature and I just wish to remove that thing from my Facebook home page. However there is not an official option available yet to hide or disable this sidebar ticker. But if you are a Google Chrome user this is not too difficult for you. There are extensions already released  for this purpose.

Remove Sidebar Ticker from FacebookInstruction on How to Remove Facebook Sidebar Ticker :

I found 4 smart Google Chrome extensions, you can install to remove Facebook sidebar ticker. Use any one of them.

1. Facebook News Ticker Remover

Remove the News Ticker from facebook SidebarThis extension was previously helpful for removing Facebook’s new news Ticker. But this time it has the ability to block the Facebook news ticker in the chat sidebar too. Visit the Extension Page using Google Chrome and install the extension to get-rid from the real time ticker.

2. Disable FB Sidebar Ticker

How to Disable Facebook sidebar tickerAnother simple Google Chrome extension to hide the live feed ticker from Facebook sidebar. Install this Extension on your Google chrome browser and then press F5 on your Facebook home page to see the effect. This extension is also helpful to remove the chat sidebar and show you the old style Facebook chat. It can also Revert to previous ‘Home’, ‘Profile’ and Navigation bar at Top Blue section. Currently this extension is in beta version. We can see the other new features once the final version launched.

3. Facebook News Ticker Remover

How to Remove FB News TickerThis is a newly launched and useful extension for chrome users to remove that annoying ticker in Facebook from inspirin team and you can install this extension from this link. Reload the Facebook home page to see the effect of this extension after installation.

4. Hide Facebook SideBar Ticker

How to Hide FB Sidebar TickerIf you really love the clean surface without that real time ticker thing, you can install this extension for Google Chrome browser, which will remove the news ticker and give you a minimal look of your Facebook home page. There are so many users already installed this extension to take the advantages of the clean Facebook without the sidebar ticker. You can install it from this link.


Firefox Users can also remove this real time ticker of Facebook by using this userscript for Firefox, which will need Greasemonkey add-on to be installed.

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  1. Peter says

    There is also this extension called facebook–. It hdies the ticker and restores the previous “Home”, “Profile” and “Settings” header bar.


  2. Rush says

    Yeah. That one is also useful. Thanks Peter.

  3. Thomas says

    Strange question here but my wife is actually without the sidebar ticker (it is just not showing in her account, whatever browser she uses) and she would like to have it! I can’t find how to install the ticker. It must be something with the privacy settings? Who can help?

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