Record Phone Calls App for iPhone

Record Phone Calls App for iPhoneDownload and install the free iPhone app “Record Phone Calls”. This is a free iPhone app that can record the complte phone call and automatically send the entire conversation to your email as a .wav file attachment. You can record the phone call of both sides by using this app. You can listen the recoreded call anytime from your Pc by downloading the email attachment or by signing into your personal Voice Box account.

This app is really great and another best thing is that the app is available for free. However you might think about some hidden price like price per minute of recording etc. But there is no such charges. No annual fee, no per minute charges nothing. Completely free app.

Download Record Phone Calls app for iPhone

Record a Phone Call With Your iPhone

If you are worry about the legal matters for recording the phone calls, the app made clear that this app works in a legal way, You can find more about this on it’s iTunes page.

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 3.1.3 or later as a minimum. This 4.4 MB sized app by The Blue Square Group, LLC released on 10th. March 2011 and has a high demand at iTunes store. Recently their registration server is overwhelmed and it’s expected to work properly by 18th March 2011.

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