How to Read Deleted Message in WhatsApp

Read the deleted texts to you by any user

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Read Deleted Message in WhatsApp. This guide is for Android users. Follow these steps if you really wish not to miss any deleted texts to you from any WhatsApp user:

Step1: Go to play store and install “Notification History” appRead Deleted Message in WhatsApp


Step 2: When someone sends you any message, you get notification for that. This app keeps a record of that. If someone send you a text message in whatsApp and then deleted it. You may not able to see it through the whatsapp interface. But go to notification notification history app and check the notification log. You will find that deleted message there.

Limitations on

Read Deleted Message in WhatsApp

But this is a loophole only and WhatsApp may work anytime to fix this. Also this trick is not 100% perfect to Read Deleted Message in WhatsApp. It has some limitations too:

  1. The option works only with android phones as iOs has no such app to view notification history.
  2. This only works with text messages as the messages with media files can’t be shown on notifications.
  3. You can only view the first 100 characters of the text message. This is the limitation for characters in your phone notification.
  4. You will miss the deleted messages if you clear the log or restart your device.

Information about this loophole on How to Read Deleted Message in WhatsApp is first reported by Spanish website Android Jefe .

How to Delete Sent WhatsApp Messages?

So you need to know how to delete sent WhatsApp messages. The feature is popularly know as “Delete for Everyone”. As we have already discussed about this newly lunched feature is available for every users now, so anyone can delete the accidentally sent messages in WhatsApp. This prevents you a lot in going into an embarrassing situation. Here are the steps and points to delete sent WhatsApp messages:

  1. The feature works with the latest version of WhatsApp messenger. Both you and the receiver of your message need the latest version of the app for this.
  2. Now select the message to delete.
  3. Tap on the “trash” icon.
  4. Select “Delete for everyone”.
  5. Now you and the receiving user can see the information about the deletion of the message.
  6. However you need to do this task within 7 minutes from sending it. It will not allow you to delete the message after 7 minutes.



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