How to Post Attachments in Twitter : Via Pigeon Carrier Browser Extension

Pigeon Carrier is an extension for Google Chrome browser. This browser extension can help you to share your documents via Twitter in a best and easy way. There were a lot of search and some really complex ways to share attachments through Twitter. But this service by Pigeon Carrier is the best one for this purpose till date. Previously if we have to share any document, we had to upload that document to some file hosting sites and then share the URL of that uploaded document via twitter status. But wasn’t the process little complex ? So this Pigeon extension in your Google chrome browser is going to make this whole process simpler and you can upload any document directly to your twitter.

How this works ?

Pigeon Carrier uses the service of Dropbox to store files. So you need to have your own Dropbox account before using it. If you don’t have a Dropbox account yet, you can open one and it also has a free package to choose. Pigeon Carrier Browser extension will be connected with your Dropbox and you need to permit it (at the time of installation and configuration) to store files in your Dropbox folder.

Step by Step Instructions :

1. Open Google Chrome and Click here for the extension page. Install the extension by clicking on the “Add to Chrome” button.

2. Now go to Twitter and log in. Click in the Status Box to write something. You can see the “Add Attachment” button bellow that box.

Send Attachments in Twitter

3. Click on that button. You can see the message to authorize your Dropbox.

4. Click on “Authorize with Dropbox”  button and this will take you to the authorization page. You need to login to Dropbox if not logged in previously and then click on the “Allow” button. This will create a new directory in the name of pigeon-carrier and will store all the attachments into that folder.

5. Now you can drag and drop your file on the space provided for that. See the bellow image.

Add attachments in Twitter

6. This will start uploading the image and you can see the uploading status too. After the upload is completed , click on the “Attach button” near to “Tweet” button.

Attachments in Twitter

7. Now click the Tweet button. Thats it. The file has been shared and any one can view or download that easily.

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