Overkill 2: Free iPhone Game and Other Free Games of the week

The Super 3D Gun Battle is waiting for you to win. Prepare yourself for the realistic 3D Game on your iPhone. More than 30 latest 3D guns are waiting for you to take action and start the real fun of gaming. This Popular and yet Free iPhone 3D game Overkill 2 is a Great looking and high quality shooter game with so many advanced controls and unique combinations. Face the challenge now, where you have to fight to release the city occupied by deadly faction and you are the only hope here.

Your Guns are highly capable of making the difference and teach the enemy for their mistakes. Use your advance combat equipment and stand tough against the whole enemy army like a great wall.

Over Kill 2 Free iPhone Game

You can customize your weapons like the shotguns, pistols, heavy machine guns and assault and sniper rifles. The weapon like mounted grenade launcher can make you victorious when you are planning something big boom.

So take the decision now and join the glorious battle now: Download this amazing game for your iPhone and start killing.

Download Overkill 2 for iPhone

The most popular features of this war game are:

  • More than 30 realistic 3D guns for you
  • Upgrade multiple weapons
  • High quality graphics
  • So much combat equipment
  • Survival Mode
  • Online Back up of the game


Bonus Free Games of the Week:

 1. Run Sheldon!

Run Sheldon Free Animated iPhone Racing Game

The beautifully animated Tortoise racing game Run Sheldon is one of the popular and addictive free game of this week. You have the controls to make Sheldon run and run to win the game. He is the winner of the Tortoise and the Hare game and he has the Trophy. But this is a hard time for the Hare team and they are all set to defeat Sheldon and take the trophy back. So you are the hope for Sheldon to make him running fast and win the race. So play great and win the trophy.

Take the help of available powers during the race and run, fly, swim, bounce and collect coins during the race. These coins are the key point to upgrade the power and buy clothing for extra life.

Download this beautiful addictive Free iPhone Game Now

Excellent Graphics, beautiful animation  hilarious characters and sound effects and endless challenging are some of the popular feature of the game. Share your scores and achievements on Facebook and challenge others.

2. Tekken Card Tournament

Tekken Card Tournament

This is a Free Multi-player Fight Game and is a new popular game in the basket recently. Now take the tournament wherever you go and play this with anyone around the world. This stunning multi-player game is fully packed with amazing graphics, great 3D visuals and unlimited action. You can customize your deck, create new cards and make perfect strategy for the next attack.

Play the Tekken Card Tournament Now for Free

The popular features of the game are: Deep Game Play, Stunning Visuals, Unlimited actions, collectible cards, QR Code functionality etc.


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