How to Check Bulk PageRank in Google Chrome [ Extension ]

I got a list of best web directories to submit my website and at the same time I wish to know the page rank of those web directories. But that was a big list of Web Directories. So I tried to find any browser extension (As I am using Google Chrome browser) that can solve my problem to find out the bulk page rank and I finally found a very good tool to find the page rank of large number of websites. This chrome extension is known as BulkPageRank and  this can help you to find out the page rank of multiple number of website located on the same page. So this tool will only work on a page containing the http link multiple websites. Once installed it will work smoothly and can show you the page rank of each website near to the link of that website. 

If you wish to try this, then try it on any page of Wikipedia that contains link to multiple pages and you can see the page rank of those pages/websites on that page.

How to Install the extension?

  • Click here to Download the extension.
  • The file will be downloaded.
  • Bulk Page Rank Checker
  • Click on “Continue” button .
  • A pop-up window will ask you to confirm to install the app. Click on the “Install” button.
  • You can see the small icon of the newly installed extension. You need to refresh the page to see this button in action.
  • When this button will be activated, it looks green

Bulk Page Rank Checker for Chrome

How to use it?

Open any page that contains the links of the websites you wish to check or use this link to give a try. After the page loaded successfully, you can see the button turns green, which means it’s activated. Now click on that and it will start working. You can see the progress in percentage and the time of completion depends on the number of links on that page. After it completes checking, it will show you the pagerank of each page or website near to the link.

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