5 Google Chrome Extension to Listen Online Radio

Chrome Radio Extensions offer a convenient way to listen to online radio stations directly from your Google Chrome web browser. These extensions allow you to enjoy live radio while simultaneously browsing the web, eliminating the need to bookmark various radio sites or install additional software. The best part is, these radio extensions are free and can be easily found and installed through the Google Chrome Web Store. With a wide range of options available, you can tune in to popular radio stations from around the world, including the USA, UK, France, Germany, and many more. Enhance your browsing experience with these user-friendly Chrome Radio Extensions and stay entertained with your favorite tunes. Let’s explore five top-notch Chrome Radio Extensions that will elevate your online radio listening experience.

Online Radio for Google Chrome™

Chrome Radio Extensions

Explore the world of online radio with “Online Radio for Google Chrome™,” one of the top Chrome Radio Extensions available to users for free. This software extension offers seamless access to a diverse collection of over 10+ radio stations right from your browser. Whether you want to groove to rock, sway to country, or sing along with pop songs, this extension has got you covered. If you’re looking for an easy way to enjoy different music genres while working or relaxing, this browser extension could be a great option. Discover the joy of Chrome Radio Extensions and elevate your online radio experience.

Install – Online Radio for Google Chrome™

Online Radio

Discover “Online Radio” by css3.su, a feature-rich Chrome Radio Extension tailored for the Russian-speaking audience. With this extension, enjoy seamless access to all your favorite radio stations directly from your browser. The highlight of this extension is its ever-growing list of popular radio stations, offering a diverse range of options to match your musical preferences. Personalize your experience by adding your own radio stations and easily access your most-loved stations by adding them to the favorites list. To enhance your control, “Online Radio” also supports hotkeys. Experience the world of online radio like never before with this comprehensive Chrome Radio Extension.

Install – Online Radio

Radio Station-to-Station Ext

“Radio Station-to-Station Ext,” is your go-to Chrome Radio Extension for a seamless Internet Radio experience. With access to over 32,000 radio stations worldwide, you can easily filter and search for your favorite stations by country, language, and style. Customize your collection by adding new stations and organizing your favorites list. This free and open-source software, in collaboration with Community Radio Browser, ensures a diverse range of radio content right at your fingertips. Its quick search option makes finding your desired station a breeze. Experience a world of radio diversity, all at no cost, with this exceptional Chrome Radio Extension.

Install – Radio Station-to-Station Ext

Radio Player

“Radio Player” – a versatile Chrome Radio Extension offering a plethora of popular Russian online radio stations. You’ll find a convenient button in your browser, allowing easy access to your favorite radio station at the click of a button. The extension boasts a clean interface, making it effortless to add and listen to your preferred radio streams. Whether you want to explore various radio stations or have a specific favorite, Radio Player has got you covered. Say goodbye to complicated settings, as this extension keeps it simple and enjoyable. Immerse yourself in the world of internet radio with the Radio Player Chrome Extension and start tuning in to your favorite stations instantly.

Install – Radio Player

Radio Stations

You can listen to live web radio along with online music stations through this application on Google Chrome web browser. So get the access to free internet radio, without downloading the music. You can access the radio stations from USA, France, UK, Germany, Russia, Italy, Brazil Australia and so on. So, Don’t wait. Download this app now.

Download Radio Stations app for Google Chrome

Live Radio

This is one of the popular extension to listen streaming of radio channels through Google Chrome. There is also a plugin available for Firefox too. You can find this plugin is very popular with a high number of 5star ratings and more than 650 installation till date.

Download and Install Live Radio Extension for Chrome

Yahoo Music Radio

This is the unofficial Yahoo Music radio extension available to install in Google Chrome. There are more than 250 radio stations available to listen from. This free Google chrome extension for listening live radio has 1114 users and on an average it got 4 star ratings from users till date. The stats shows 164 weekly installations.

Download and Listen Yahoo Music Radio Extension for Chrome

XM Online Radio

When you wish to listen Sirius XM’s online channels quickly and easily, this is the best way to install this extension in Google Chrome. However you need to log in to listen the live radio. There is free registration available to try. YOu can find the full channel list with this extension. This extension has a 3 star rating with more than 1300 active users.

Click here to Download and Install XM Online Radio


There are other extensions also available to listen Indian radio channels online. Find these extension bellow for listening live Internet Radio channels in Indian languages .

Listen Hindi FM and Online Radios
Listen South Indian FM and Online Radios
Listen Tamil FM and Online Radios
Listen Kannada FM and Online Radios

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