iSleepin – A Complete Alarm App for iPhone

There are some amazing Snooze games in this alarm app, which makes this, one of the best alarm app for iPhone. Although this is a paid app, but you can try the lite version for free. Find the download links bellow. Due to it’s advanced and innovative features,  this one is going to be a popular alarm app for iPhone users very soon. There is a introductory low price offer is running now. So you can get the pro version of the app for $0.99 before the price increases.

iSleepin Alarm App for iPhone

Features :

  • You can use all the functionality of the app only when it is active i.e. switched ON. But if you forget or accidentally switched it OFF, the Alarm function still works and It uses the sound of iOS notifications instead of the pre-set music.
  • The unique snooze games have the task to keep you active and ensure that you are not sleeping again. The four great snooze games are enriched with math problems, puzzles like jigsaw, mazes and dot connecting games. So you don’t feel asleep again and there is always something interesting.
  • If you are going to snooze the alarm again, remember that there will be another more difficult game on the next time. So it may be difficult to solve that. So think before you choose the snooze button.
  • However if you wish to change the snooze duration, the app has the flexibility to choose from 1 – 15 minutes.
  • Multiple number of alarms are possible through this app. So if you need so many alarms, you can set them easily. Yes, there is no limit. You can set unlimited number of Alarms.
  • Set different music for each different alarms. The app uses your iTunes to set the music for each alarm. You may set one as the default tone, or use multiple tunes.
  • If you don’t wish the Alarm on Sundays, you can adjust the frequency as per your need. Whether you need the alarm only on working days or weekly or fortnightly, you can set it.
  • Apart from the alarm function, the app is also helpful to know the weather forecast. The weather report is displayed on the home screen. You can set your location to get the latest weather report or this app will adjust itself automatically to the location you travel.

Download iSleepin Pro

Download iSleepin Lite

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