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The popular app is a free one and you can check your internet speed by using this. You can get your Download Speed, Upload Speed and Ping results within few seconds. The app stores the results, so that you can compare your recent internet speed with your previous one. Apart from this the real-time graph shows you about the consistency of your internet connection. The app is available in 15 different languages.


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QIP Speed TestQIP Speed Test App for iPhone

This is another free app to test your Internet connection and the speed on your iPhone. Being Easy, Fast and compatibility with iOS6 and iPhone5, the app is getting more popular. The newly added Authorization option in this app enables your account get bound to a device. The Interface of the application looks great and you can use this app with your iPad and iPod touch too. Size of the app 5.1 MB and apart from English this is also available in Russian language.


Net Speed Test LiteNet Speed Test Lite App for iPhone

This is the Free (Lite) version of the “Net Speed Test” app that helps you to monitor the internet speed on your iPhone. It also works fine with your iPad or iPod touch.The application interface looks nice with digital counter and tests your internet speed within few seconds. It calculates your Download speed, Upload speed and stores them in history tab. Another advantage of this application enables it to send the history of the results to you via an email. So it will be easy for you to compare and know the statistics. If you need some more advanced options and features, you may choose to buy the Premium version.


Speed Test …Speed Test App for iPhone

Speed Test – Measure Internet Performance, helps you to determine the download, upload speed or ping of your mobile device with one-tap ease. Download this Free app from iTunes store and check the Internet connection speed with a tap. Check 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi connection speed by using this. The real-time graph shows you the consistency and you can use this app from any location. Being simple and easy to use the app has the features like: history of previous tests for comparing with the current test result, Share the result via email, Free, testing servers located around the world etc.

Size – 3.8 MB and it can be used with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. It is also optimized for iPhone 5 users, where as the user of older versions like iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and  iPhone 4S can install and use this app.


Speedtest XSpeedtest X App for iPhone

This is another free Internet Speed measurement application with most of the features similar to others. This helps you to evaluate your EDGE, 3G and WiFi network connections on your iPhone or iPod touch. Get the accurate results in real-time graph and compare the results with past test results. This saves your historical data. You can test the speed with different servers and get the perfect result as well.

Size of the app – 37.6 MB . This is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch too. The app is optimized for iPhone 5. So it may give some problems if you install the app iOS 3.1.3 and below.


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