How to Maximize The Battery Life of iPhone

Battery Doctor ProAll we wish an unlimited battery life for our iPhone. But this can’t be. So every time we start playing a game or running a utility we need to think about the remaining battery life. We need to close the unnecessary apps running in the background in order to save power. A fully charged battery is enough for our everyday activities, if we can use it properly. When any app is running in the background that consumes battery power. So we shouldn’t forget to kill that app. like this there are so many tips you can find on the web on how to maximize the life of your iPhone battery. But at the same time if you can do all the things to make your battery life longer with the help of any app, it will be great. Saves your time and saves the power.

There is an app called Battery Doctor Pro is available in iTunes stores which can fulfil all the above requirements. After installing this battery life saver app you can do all the jobs at one place. Just use this app and it will increase the life of your iPhone battery.

Download the app here ($0.99)

Battery Doctor Pro - Max Your Battery Life for iPhone iPod touch and iPadYou can see the remaining usage time of the device. This will calculate the time more accurately based on the type of the device. It can ensure you a fully charged battery, if you plug-in the charge cable to charge the battery and run the Battery Doctor Pro app and it will do the rest things. It can also record a Charge log, by which you can track the charging time and remaining battery capacity.

This app is also compatible with iPod touch, and iPad and you will need iOS 3.0 or later as a minimum requirement. The size of the app is 4.4 MB and it supports 24 different languages.

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