Get The Lowest Price Instantly While Shopping Online

InvisibleHand is an extension for Google chrome and addon for Firefox web browser, that let you notify the lowest price of the product you are searching to buy instantly and automatically. This extension works smoothly with more than 220 retailers in USA, UK and Germany. Even if this also works with Google Search while you are searching for a product to buy it online. This money saving extension let you find the best airfare as it supports most of the popular airlines and travel sites which are more than 589 in number. The name “InvisibleHand” comes from the “Invisible hand of the market” concept by 18th century economist Adam Smith.

Get the Lowest price for shopping online

How to Install InvisibleHand in Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome and browse the following URL:

InvisibleHand Extension for Google ChromeClick the “Add to Chrome” blue button. Now the extension will be downloaded and installed in your Google Chrome browser.

How to Install InvisibleHand in FireFox

Open Firefox and browse the following URL:

get the Best Deal by InvisibleHand on FiorefoxClick on “Add to Firefox” green button.

Click on the “Allow” option to allow Firefox to install the Addon. And then click on the “Install Now” button in the pop-up box.

Now whether you are using Google Chrome or Firefox, Enjoy smart shopping and get the best deal. This is really a great thing to save your money and it’s available for free of cost. If you wish to thank to the developers you can like their page at Facebook  and follow them in Twitter.

InvisibleHand on Facebook :

InvisibleHand @ Twitter :

You can find the Supported Retailers & Airlines in it’s website. Here is the link to the page. Find the retailer and supported airlines in United States, United Kingdom and Germany.

However if you are searching to buy a Mobile phone online this app may not work. A notice regarding this can be found at it’s website. The notice states that, InvisibleHand currently don’t compare mobile phone prices. If you need to compare Mobile phone prices, there is another sister website of this known as “”. So Visit the website and compare Mobile phone prices. Not only prices, but also compare the features and other things among the different mobile phones here.

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