How to Save Instagram Photos to Facebook Album

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The popular iPhone photo sharing app “Instagram” now officially allow you to export your instagram photos to facebook. You can save them in a Facebook album and use them as profile pic or share them with friends. Here are the few steps that allow you to export them to Facebook.

How to Connect Instagram to Facebook ?

  • Run Instagram.
  • Tap the “Profile” Tab and tap “Edit sharing settings”.
  • Select Facebook to login and connect.

When you add any instagram photos to Facebook, this will be automatically added to a new album called “Instagram Photos”. These photos will also be displayed in full size in Facebook News feed and your Facebook friends can see the caption you have provided along with the photo. If you didn’t like the name of the newly created Facebook album i.e. “Instagram Photos” and renamed the album, another new album will be created in the same name, the next time you share any instagram photos to Facebook. So you can move the photos to another album if you wish, but not the album.

Adding Old Instagram Photos to the album

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If you are trying to export your old instagram photos to Facebook album, this can be done with the following steps

  • Inside Instagram, Tap the “Profile” tab.
  • Now tap on “Your Photos”.
  • Tap the “…” link at the bottom right of the photo you’d like to share.
  • Now tap “Share post”.
  • Then tap on the green “Share” button next to Facebook.

If you are not connected to Facebook yet, there will be no such green share button next to Facebook. So to get connected tap on the “Setup Sharing” and then tap on “Configure” tab next to Facebook. Enter your Facebook login and password to get connected. After getting connected, tap the “back” button and now you can find that green “Share” button next to Facebook. Tap it and your old photo will be stored in Facebook Album. Also the Album is only visible to your Facebook friends by default. If you wish this to be visible to public, you need to change the settings manually.

Instagram Photos to Facebook Album

Limitations :

  • However you can’t add non-Instagram-uploaded images to the Facebook album even manually, as the “Instagram Photos” album is created by an application. So uploading photo to Facebook via instagram is necessary.
  • Maximum 1000 photos can be uploaded. Although this is not a limit by Instagram, but Facebook allows maximum 1000 photos to be uploaded to an album created by any application.

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