How to Get Control Over iPhone Data Usage

Are you really frustrated over the high data usage of your iPhone and need an utility to check the usage regularly? Is there any background apps running and taking a great share of your internet data? Are you really wish to get a control over the data usage of your iPhone? If Yes, Then try the free app “iDataSpy” . This is known as the most powerful and creative tool against the data overage charges. This app can track your Wifi, 3G and GPRS data usage along with the speed in every second. So you will be aware of the high data usage or loss and keep a control over it.

Download iDataSpy

A nice graph will be displayed on your demand and show you the usage of your internet data for every minute, every hour, every day, every month or every year. You can see the percentage of data usage and the remaining data in your account for future use through this app. Set your billing cycle accordingly to get the customized report. Also you can say this app is an intelligent app as it will help you to decide regarding the future data usage. Just like: if you have 400 mb data left, then what should you do. If you perform any specific job like the website browsing etc, then how many hours you can use that data.

Control ipad and iphone data usageThe log-file of the idataspy will help you to know the history and you can find out the usage of a specific day or week instantly. The three levels of notification is like an alarm and remind you to control the data usage perfectly. This app is not only easy to set-up but also works fine with every carriers. Get this free app now and be a wise user of your iPhone.

Features of the app:

  • Monitor usage as app badge
  • Continuous background data usage monitoring & geo-tagging
  • real-time customizable alerts on exceeding certain usage
  • Last place data used
  • most precise data tracking engine
  • background battery friendly!!
This 6.0 MB sized app is a really helpful utility for your iOS device and runs fine with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. You will need iOS 3.2.1 or later to run this app perfectly.

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