How to Update Google Chrome in Windows, Linux and Mac

Updates are necessary for your Google chrome browser in order to ensure latest security updates. Also the latest extensions of Google chrome will not work with your older version browser. However chrome automatically updates itself. But some times this automatic update doesn’t work and you need to update the software manually. If you want to see which version is installed on your system, then click on the wrench icon on the right side upper corner and click. Select “About Google Chrome” option. The popup Box will show you the version and you can know if your browser is the latest one or not.

Updated Google ChromeHow to update Google Chrome for Windows?

If the wrench icon on the toolbar of Google Chrome shows a little orrange dot, then this is the indication that updates are available and you need to update it.

  • Click on the wrench icon.
  • Select Update Google Chrome.
  • The confirmation box appears and you need to click “Restrt”.

Find your latest version of Google Chrome after the restart.

How to update Google Chrome for Linux (Ubuntu)?

  • Click on the Application menu on the top left corner.
  • Go to the “System Tools” and choose “KPackageKit”.
  • Inside KPackageKit Click on “Software Updates” option.
  • Update Google Chrome in Linux
  • This will search the softwares those need to be updated and show you the list. You can see “The web browser from Google” package in the list if your browser needs upadte.
  • Update Google Chrome in Ububntu
  • If you find that in the list, click on that and click on the downward arrow mark just right to that.
  • Now you have selected Google chrome browser from the list. And now Click the “Apply” button.
  • You can see the files being downloaded and the upadate will be done.
  • After the process ends, restart your browser.

How to update Google Chrome for Mac?

  • Click on the wrench icon.
  • Choose “About Google Chrome” from the list.
  • Check if the “Set Up Automatic Updates for All Users” button is available or not.
  • It you found this, then click the button and authorize for automatic updates.

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