How to Stop Someone From Writing on Your Facebook Wall / Timeline

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Are you getting fed up with the posts by your friends on your Facebook wall ? Yes, your friends can write on your Facebook wall and if you don’t like that thing, you can change the privacy setting. So only you can write on your own  wall. When someone writes anything on your wall, that you don’t like, you can delete that post easily. But we all need a permanent solution to this problem, which will prevent others from writing on our own wall. This is important, because that post by someone else will be displayed in our profile page and can be seen by other friends on our network. Facebook has some simple privacy settings to solve this problem. Follow the steps bellow

How to Prevent Others From Writing On Your Facebook Wall :

  • Log-in to Facebook and click on the “Account” tab on the top right corner.
  • Choose “Privacy Setting” from the drop-down list and You will be inside the Facebook Privacy Settings page
  • Click on the “Friends” radio button.
  • Now Click the Edit Settings link just right to “How You Connect” option.
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How to Prevent Someone From Writing on Your Facebook Wall
  • The Pop-up box will appear and look for the 4th line “Who can post on your timeline?” . Click on the drop-down list right to that.
How to Stop others writing on your Facebook Wall
  • Now select “Only Me” option from the list and click on the “Done” button and return to Facebook home.
  • Nice 🙂 You have did it successfully. Now, only you can post on your wall. No more chance for others.

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