Appear Online Only to Selected Friends in Facebook

I don’t prefer to be online at messengers or any kind of live chat websites, if I was really busy at my work. So I keep myself hidden in Gmail chat and Skype. However I was searching for similar  kind of option in Facebook chat. As I have a large number of friends in FB, I always get unwanted chat requests from them. Most of them are to help them in different Facebook games by sending them gifts. These things really make me disturbed and in order to get rid from that, I switch off the chat option. But that’s not the real solution to my roblem. How can I chat with my family and friends and how can I know when they are online in FB or not? So in order to see whether your friends are online or not, you have to activate the Facebook chat. So all I need is to make myself invisible from other friends.

Finally I got the solution to this problem and this method helped me to make myself hiden from certain friends. So those friends to whom I will allow can see me live online and others will not. So this is a better way than I was searching. But before doing that, you need to create friend lists. So it will be good if you make a list, to whom you wish to show online and another list to whom you wish to hide in FB chat. After making lists and adding friends to the lists, go to the chat  window.

Method 1

If you permanently wish to remove a group of friends from Facebook chat, then click on the Friends Lists and click on the particular list, which you wish to remove permanently from Facebook Chat. That group of friends will no longer have the access to you over the FB chat. Follow the bellow given image.

Hide from Facebook friends

Method 2

After making some friends list, you can see small capsule shaped buttons in the chat area just right to the list. By clicking on those buttons right to each list it will enable or disable those friends in the list. So its also an easy method to make yourself hide from your selected Facebook contacts.

Facebook option to hide friends

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