How to Find Free Akismet API Key

  • Create a Blog. You can use , if you have one.
  • Login to the blog
  • After successful login, open a new tab and browse :
  • This page will show your API Key along with your username. You can use this API key to activate Akismet Plugin in any other self-hosted WordPress Blog.
  • Go to the official Akismet Website and find the SignUp Page
  • Click on the “SignUp” button in the personal Category.
Find Free Akismet API Key
  • Fill Up the Contact Info and adjust the price slider to $0.00/yr.
How to Get Akismet API Key Free
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
  • Done. You will receive your personal API key via Email.

Note : Don’t share your API key with others. Its like a password.

Why Akismet ?

This is the most powerful anti spam plugin for WordPress Blog I have came across. Just Install it and activate by putting the API key and forget about those spam comments. Spam Comments are the most irritating thing for any WordPress Blogger and Everyone tries to get rid from them. Heavy spam comments can cause damage to your WordPress Database and your blog can be affected due to this. I had wasted many hours in deleting the bulk spam comments before using Akismet. I have also tried other anti-spam plugins, but nothing worked as smart as Akismet. After all Akismet is free for personal use and you need to buy the premium versions if wish to use it at non-personal websites. To see the Plans and Pricing Click Here.

How to Install and Activate Akismet ?

You don’t need to install the Akismet Plugin. It’s a pre-installed plugin and comes with your WordPress blog at the time of installing the blog. So you can find this inside the “Installed Plugins” section. If you have deleted it accidental, you can also install it manually by searching the “Akismet” term inside the “Add New” plugins section.

Click the “Activate” link of the plugin and you can see the notification to “enter your Akismet API key”. Click on that link.

Activate Akismet API Key

The next page is the Akismet Configuration Page. Put the API key in the appropriate box and click “Update Options” button. You will see the success message.

Activated! Akismet Plugin

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  1. haha.. it was back in 2008 or older when I first created a wordpress blog on, then I switced to blogspot since I felt wordpress is not for me. Now when I start blogging again with a self-hosted wordpress engine, I realized that I need such the Akismet API Key. Boy I’m feeling lucky, didn’t delete my account so I can login and grab my Akismet API Key.

    Thanks, buddy. Wish you luck!


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