How to Disable Auto Pinning of Installed Applications to the Start Screen in Windows 8

How to Stop Applications Pinning Their Shortcuts automatically to the start screen in windows 8 ?

Due to the feature of Auto pinning of installed software on the start screen in windows 8, we get so many tiles (some are useful but all are not important) on the start screen. This makes us confused and also makes the start screen cluttered. These tiles are the shortcuts to the installed applications. When we install any application, it creates and pin a tile on the start screen without notifying the user. Although we need the tiles of some installed applications for our frequently access, but we don’t need the shortcuts of all software to be pinned on the start screen. So if we wish to delete the pinned tile, we can easily do that. But again we install another application, the new tile will be created. So if you wish a permanent solution to this problem, you should use the software “AutoPin Controller”. This software is a great way to control the pinning of installed applications automatically. This can help you disabling the auto pinning and customizing the start screen.

How to Get AutoPin Controller ?

Click here to download this useful software.

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This is a light weight and portable windows 8 application and Free to download and use. Once downloaded, install it and control the start screen. With the help of this utility, you can lock the start screen temporarily and nothing will be pinned automatically to it. So when you disable this application, the auto pinning will work smoothly.

How to Use AutoPin Controller ?

Please take a look at the screen shot of the application bellow. There are three options for the user and they are :

Disable Auto Pinning windows 8

Lock, Unlock and Reset. When you use the lock option, it will lock the start screen completely and no software can pin their tiles to it. If you use the unlock button, everything will be just like before. Newly installed app can pin their shortcuts automatically. Finally the Reset button can reset all the tiles and you can customize , which tile you will keep and which are not.

 Now make a Clean and beautiful Start Screen. 🙂

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