How to Delete Facebook Photo Albums

Sometimes you may need to delete a photo album in Facebook due to several reasons. But you can’t find the delete button easily to delete the whole Album. This is to avoid the accidental delete of any valuable and important photo Albums. Remember that, if you are deleting a photo album in facebook, you will lose all the photos inside it. So be careful before doing the following steps to delete a facebook photo album. 

Follow the steps bellow to delete any photo album in Facebook.

1.  Login to Facebook and click on the “Profile” link located on the top right section. Your profile page will be visible.

Delete Facebook Photo Album

2.  Click on the Photos link bellow the profile image. All your photo albums and tagged photos will be visible.

Delete Facebook Photo Albums

3.  Click on the album you wish to delete. The album will be opened and the photos inside will be visible. Double sure that you will never need those photos.

4.  Click on the “Edit Album” link located above the photos of the album.

How to delete albums in facebook

5.  A pop-up option will be opened and click on the “Delete Album” link located on the left bellow section of the pop-up window.

Delete an album in Facebook

6.  Another pop-up box will ask you to confirm about the deletion of the Album.

7.  The album will be deleted and you will be redirected to your photos page.

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