Time to Optimize for Google Hotpot

When Google launched the Hotpot Service in last November, Business owners optimizing for local search results gave more emphases to the local optimization and tried to get good reviews from the customers through Hotpot. However some firms were still neutral regarding this service and didn’t think they should spend money for optimizing Google Hotpot. But recently Google added these Hotpot ratings to the search result. If you are searching for some hotels in Mumbai, you can see the results from Google Places along with the Hotpot ratings. So definitely This will affect the market. These ratings are reviews are from customers of the particular hotels. They may give a positive or negative review, based on the service quality.

Google Hotpot Ratings Integrated with Google Search

However the reviews are not always Good. While the positive feedback acts as a reward to the service provider, negative feedbacks and ratings help them to improve their services. However spam reviews may affect these ratings. So Google has made clear on its policy to remove any Inappropriate content, Advertising and spam, Off-topic Reviews and Conflict of interest etc. If you are a business owner and found some negative reviews and ratings made by some spammers intentionally on Google places or Hotpot, you can remove them too.

How to remove the spam reviews and ratings from Google Hotpot.

  • Login to Google account
  • Go to your Google Places page
  • Find the Review and ratings you wish to remove and click on the link ” Flag as inappropriate ” just right to that review.
  • Then Google team will look into your matter and you may get those bad reviews and ratings removed from your place page, if they fails to the guidelines of Google Places.

However, sometimes you don’t agree with a review written by your customer and you want that review to be removed from your place page. Google team may not remove that if they found that as a real review from your customer, then follow the business owner responses to decide your next step.

Video: How To Hotpot

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