Send Free SMS from Your Android Phone

Download WhatsApp Messenger WhatsApp Messenger is a free app for your android tablets and smart phones to send unlimited SMS to your friends who are using this app. Not only text messages, but also you can send pictures, audio and video messages by using this app. This is a messenger that never ask you to login. No username and no passwords are there. As soon as you switch on your device the messenger will be live and you can see all the contacts who are live by using this app. Also this app will automatically detect your friends from your contact book and you never have to add buddies to the contact list. So the important thing is, your friends have to use this app in order to contact them. 

You can run this app with your 3G or WiFi connection and send as much messages as you can. You will not be charged for any messages as it uses your internet connection to send them. As there is no charges to send emails, like that this service is also free. So no international charges or nothing like that for any type of messages (Text, audio or Video) you are sending to your friends. There is also option to group chat among your friends and this is also free of cost.

Download WhatsApp Messenger for Android

The option to receive offline messages is also another great feature of this application. Even if your mobile is switched off or you are in a trouble with the internet connection, you can find the messages sent by your friends as offline messages. So when your phone is on, you will be shown live to others and your friends may disturb you when you are busy. So there is another option to change or update your status. You can make your status as “Busy”, so that your friends will not contact you at that time.

Download WhatsApp Messenger for Android


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