40+ Free Hit Counters For Your Website / Blog

After setting up the website, every web-master needs a tool to track it’s visitors. The powerful tools like Google Analytics can be very helpful for this, but if you are searching for a simple hit counter with easy set up, we have listed down few good alternatives here.


Although this one is a Premium one but you can try this for free on your website. A clean interface with detailed stats about your visitors, guaranteed uptime and reliability, extremely precise and Bug free are some the best feature of this. You can get the detailed data on traffic referral, keywords, location, live visitors map, visitors data (like the browser, OS, screen size etc.), page views, entry and exit pages, visitor paths, conversion, data per hour etc. through this service. Also you don’t need the support of JavaScript on your website or with your visitor’s browser to track the record of visits.

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Free Hit Counter


A free simple hit counter can be created by using this website. Easy to configure and easy to install. You have to select the style of the counter and your code will be ready. Just copy that paste inside your webpage. Instantly you can notice the number of visitors through this counter and the detailed page will show you other more information like the country, IP and the visit time of the visitor etc. You don’t need to sign up / register to avail this service. It’s very simple and quick too.

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Free Hit Counter for Website


Along with providing you a free hit counter this website also helps you to enhance the speed of your website and in getting free traffic too. You just need to create an account and get the code to paste inside your webpages and that’s it. after couple of hours you can see the visitor data and know about the unique and returning visitors, their paths, visitor map, referrer, keywords, entry and exit pages, browser and OS details, location and so many things you need to analyse your visitors.

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Free Website Stats


You can use this free hit counter if you have a PHP enabled website. This is free and you can get real-time updates about your website visitors though this on-line application. It has similar features like the other stats and they are – Total number of hits, visit length of the visitors, new and returning visits, popular pages on your site, load-time, keyword reports, visitor country and IP address etc.

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Hit Counter for Websites


More than 100 styles of hit counter available to choose from. Take the advantage of this free service and track your website visitors. You need to register on this website and obtain the code for your website/blog. Add the code and start tracking. you can use your facebook account for quick sign up to this website too.

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Simple Website Hit Counter


A simple free hit counter. Signup and get the code. Install the code and go to the control section. You can notice the number of unique visitors through this hit counter.

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Free website stats


Although the name suggests something different, but you can get a simple hit counter for your website or blog from here. no sign up required. Just input the details and generate the code to add inside your webpages.  While setting up the counter you can set it to count unique visits or page views.

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Website Hit Counter Software


18 different counter designs are available to choose from the list with different colours. You need to sign up for free and get the code for your website. It’s simple and easy to install. After installing track your visitors with detailed statistics  inside the control panel.

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Website Hit Counter


There is a free version of extremetracking.com which you should try on your website to know about the visitor details. Although the premium version has more desirable features, but you can start with the free one and upgrade latter.

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Free Website Tracking


Very simple and easy to install. No need to signup or you don’t have to provide any personal information. Just input the website address and the number of digits your need for the counter. Choose any of the counter styles and click the button to get the code. Install the code inside your website and start tracking.

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Website Tracking tool

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