How to Change Folder Colors in Windows 8

Although Windows 8 has so many things inbuilt, as we expected, but there is no way to change the color of a folder. We can change the folder icon but not the color. Sometimes we wish if this option was available it might be easy for everyone to manage folders in a better way. Normally a different colored folder (in red or green) attracts our attention and helps us to find the important folders. This is time saving as well as colorful. So as there is no such default way to change the folder colors, we have to use some third party applications for this.

Folder Colorizer from softorino is an awesome free product for this and can be used to change the folder colors in windows 8. It’s a simple, easy to use and light weight (1.7 MB)application. It works not only in Windows 8 but also with other versions of windows like Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP too. Download this utility from the bellow given download link and install. If you are using this with the older versions of Windows like Windows XP, you need to be sure that you have Microsoft Dot Net 3.0 installed on your computer. Else it will detect that during the installation and prompts you to download it instantly. So it will first Download and install the Dot Net 3.0 Framework and then the software. However Windows 8 users won’t see this notification during the installation.

After installing this. Go to any folder location and right click on any folder. You will see the application shortcut there to change the color of the folder like the bellow image:

Windows 8 Folder Color Changer

From the Colorize menu you can select any color to apply and if you are not satisfied with the list of colors there, you can use the “Colors…” option that is located at last in the list. This will allow you to set any customized color from the color wheel. You can also apply the customized color to the list for future use.

Customize Color Changer Options

Download Folder Colorizer

Folder Marker for Windows XP:

Although Folder Marker isn’t available for Windows 8 yet, but Windows 7 or XP users can use this. Apart from coloring the folders, this app also helps you to mark any folder for any special reason. Being easy to use, simple and light weight, the Folder Marker has three editions like Folder Marker Pro, Folder Marker Home and Folder Marker Free. You can use the Free edition to try this app.

Download Folder Marker Free

Install the app. This doesn’t require Dot Net Framework. After installing you can see the application menu by right clicking on any folder like the bellow image:

Folder Marker Application to Change Folder Colors

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