FileDrop – PC to PC File Transfer in Same Network

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Although Shared folder is the first solution to share and transfer files in between PCs over the same network, but external tools like FileDrop works more smoothly and smartly. This is a free software available for both Windows and Mac. So it will not a problem to transfer your files between these two different operating systems. This smart little software provides you a better interface and the cute drag and drop options to transfer files.

 FileDrop - Transfer Files Between Pcs in Local Network

All you need is to install the software (Find the download link bellow) on your computer and the neighbor computer in your network. Before start any file transfer , please make sure that the installed software is running in both the computers. Drag and drop the file you wish to transfer to the neighbor computer. The user on that PC will be notified about the transfer and he will choose an action, whether to “Accept” or “Decline”. There is also an option to chose the destination folder, where the received file will be saved. After Accepting the file transfer, you can see the progress and when it’s 100%, the file transfer completed.

Download FileDrop : Windows     Mac 

If you are searching for other alternative to FileDrop, Please Take a look at these Applications:

1. Folder Transfer

This is a Free software, that can be used as an alternative to FileDrop, to send files and folders to a single or multiple computers. This application has the ability to send files over the Local Network as well as Internet or Intranet. Apart from sending files, you can use this application to share your files and folders too. There is also no limit about the file size. You can send Big files easily. Also it will not a problem if your network connection interrupted. This application supports breakpoint transmission too.

Download “Folder Transfer” from the link given bellow. Install it and run it. Drag and drop the files or folders to the application interface. Yes, you can send multiple files and folders. Select the destination computer and send it.

Download Folder Transfer

2. File Transfer through Instant Messenger (Offline)


Spark is a full featured Instant Messenger client for internal communication. You can send files to other computers through this application along with sending messages. This is fast and easy to use.

Download Spark


PandionPandion is another Instant messaging client for local networks and yes, it supports file transfers from PC to PC. To transfer a file, right click on your contact list and choose the option “File Transfer”. The popup window ask you to choose the file and then you can send it to the desired user within your network.

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Download Pandion


PsiAnother application for Instant Messaging that works smartly in your local network. This is a opensource software having easy to use interface and available for Windows, Mac and Linux as well. Along with sending text messages you can use this application to transfer files between Pcs.

Download Psi:  Windows  |  Mac  |  Linux

3. Online Alternatives:

So if you are going to choose an online alternative for sharing files or folders, here is a list of software you can trust and use. So go beyond your local network.

3.1 – Dropbox:

This is a very popular and useful software that saves your files and folders in the cloud and you can get back those important files if you loss them accidentally. It synchronizes your data in real-time. Also this application helps you to restore the files to their previous versions. Apart from this, you can share a folder and the files with anyone using dropbox. The software is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and also for mobile devices. So wherever you go, your files follow you.

Download Dropbox:  Windows  |  Mac  |  Linux  | Mobile

3.2 – TeamDrive:

Another Online file Sharing and Backup Software, you can use. Get 2GB Free Space when you sign up and you can add more spaces to your account by referring your friends to use this application. The features of this application includes Synchronization of Data,  create teams and work together on documents, Get the back up of your data if you loss them accidentally etc.

Download TeamDrive

3.3 – CloudMe:

Free 3GB cloud storage on signing up for a free account. Download the software from the bellow given link and start sharing your files online. It’s features are almost similar to the two previous online file sharing software. You can get your data backed up online to the cloud and share the documents, photos, audio and video files with anyone using this application. It can be installed in your PCs as well as the mobile applications are available. So share your files on the go.

Download CloudMe:  Windows  |  Linux  |  Mac  | Mobile

Hope you can get the solution for your PC to PC File transfer. Choose any one from the above options. If you are in a mood to send a very big file over the internet why not consider sending them through torrents. Know How to create torrents and send large files online.

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