How to Know Who Unfriends You in Facebook

Most of the time you might have wished to know who removed you from his/her Facebook friends list. But officially there is no way to know about this. Although we all get notified about the approval of new friends requests but Facebook keeps the unfriend data hidden from us. However if you are not getting notification, when someone approves your friends request, you might have disabled it from the privacy setting.

When Someone removes or deletes you from his/her Facebook Friends list, Facebook also make an auto removal of that person from your friends list too. So neither you nor that person will be get updated about each other’s Facebook activity. But although Facebook doesn’t allow you to know those unfriended friends, but you can know about them easily with some useful tools.

How to Know who Removes You from Facebook Friends 

Google Chrome Users:

A nice Google Chrome Extension called “Facebook Friends Checker” is available at Chrome Web Store for Free Download. Install this extension and then refresh your Facebook home page. Click on the Down arrow mark next to “Home” tab (This is the accounts tab previously). You can see the “FFChecker Interval” link in the drop-down list. So the plugin installed successfully.

Facebook Unfriend Finder

Now set up the time interval to check removed friends. Make it 10 or 15 hrs. This means the extension will check your Facebook friends list in 10 or 15 hrs interval. Every time it checks the list, it creates a cache and compares it with the previous one. So it can detect if anyone is not in your friends list. So you get a notification and a the link to the unfriended  person’s profile.  Isn’t it cool?

Remember : If you cleans your cache, all previous data stored by the extension will be lost and it will start working freshly.

Another Way:

Unfriend Finder ( is another way to track the list of friends who removes you from their Friend list in Facebook. It’s a Simple Script compatible with most of the popular web browsers like: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Download Unfriend Finder   (This will detect your browser and you can find the installation instruction too)

After installation this script will be integrated with Facebook and you can find the “Unfriends” menu in the left side navigation and on the menu bar. See the images bellow.

Know Who Unfriends You in Facebook

Who removed You in Facebook Friend List
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So when any of your friends removes you from his/her friend list or deletes his/her Facebook account, you will be notified via Facebook notifications.

The script also does some other amazing jobs. It can show you the list of people to whom you have sent the friend request, but not accepted yet. Also you can know, the person who ignores your friend request in real time.Facebook Unfriend Finder

How to Customize the Settings of UnFriend Finder?

After installation, the script works fine, but if you wish to change or customize the settings, you can use the following steps.

1. Click on the down arrow mark just right to “Home” in the menubar and select “Unfriend Finder” settings.

2. You will be inside the configuration page and you can the appearance, display setting, Notification settings, Languages etc. If you are disturbed with the notifications, you can stop them here with the settings.

Help Instructions for Different Browsers:

Download Unfriend Finder for Different Browsers

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  1. I was searching this and found. Yes the second one worked for me. But how facebook supports that script? And how long it can be installed with Facebook?


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