How to Install Facebook Toolbar in Your Browser

Install Facebook ToolbarThis is an extension for your browser to use Facebook easily from the toolbar. You can login to Facebook, Update your status, upload photos and share them with your friends by using this toolbar. If you wish to share a Web Page, you are browsing, no need to copy the URL and paste it in your Facebook wall. What you need to do is to click “Share” button located on the toolbar. This will easily share that page over your FB network.Also you can get the notifications directly from the toolbar, when somebody pokes you or you have received any message or friend requests etc. When some of your friends update their status, upload new photos this toolbar can show them by a small pop-up notification.

How to install Facebook Toolbar in Firefox:

  • Open Firefox or open a new tab if Firefox is already open.
  • Now put the following URL in the address bar.

  • Now find the big green button that says “Add to Firefox” and click on that.
  • It will ask you to allow the add-on to be installed.
  • Click on “Allow”.
  • Click on “Install” button in the pop-up box. The installation window will appear and you can see the progress of installation.
  • After successful installation click on the “Restart Firefox” button in the installation window or simply restart Firefox.
  • After restart the browser, you can find the New Facebook toolbar on Firefox.

Download Facebook Toolbar

How to install Facebook toolbar for Internet Explorer

Click here to download the installation file.
Install the file and restart the browser. You can see your Facebook toolbar there.

For Google Chrome Browser

There is no such toolbar available for Google Chrome users. However you can use the following extension to do some FB stuffs right from the browser.

Click here to install the Facebook for Chrome Extension

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