Facebook Messenger for Windows is Available to Download

Download Facebook MessengerThe public download link of the new Facebook Messenger for Windows is available now. Facebook just made it public via the Help Center. Users can find this Messenger helpful to chat with friends while not browsing Facebook.com or doing other things on computer. Get notified easily when someone wish to chat with you and you don’t have to be online at Facebook.com always. This useful Facebook messenger provides you the updates from your friends via the news ticker and you can also get every Facebook notifications quickly and instantly.

Download Facebook Desktop Chat ClientFind the download link bellow this post and the messenger needs a Windows7 platform to run. However This requires an online installation. offline version has not seen to be public yet. So you need to be connected to the internet while installing this. After this one-time set up, just login to the application and find all your Facebook friends there. Chat with them, see their status updates and get all the notifications instantly. If you feel to browse the Facebook.com just jump. Clicking on any item will take you to Facebook.com.

The chat window looks similar to the Facebook sidebar chat. This is the first version, where you may find some necessary functions missing (you can’t search and add new friends via this messenger while you can accept the friend requests). So the next updates may fulfill these wishes. You don’t need to download the updates again in future as this application is intelligent enough to search and install the updates automatically.

Previously Facebook messenger has been available as a mobile application. But there were no such application as windows desktop client. No doubt this messenger will impact a lot on the recently popular players in this field and help Facebook attracting more users and making it’s user more engaged. The number of returning visits will be more via the notifications and updates section of this chat client, said TechCrunch.

The direct download link first leaked by the Israeli blog TechIT, while Facebook was only testing this desktop chat client and after that Facebook made the download link public. Still now there is no such version of the messenger released to be compatible for Mac users and we don’t find any option to make a video or voice call. May be the next update come with a Mac version along with the audio video chat functions.

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows

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Image Source : Facebook Help Center

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  1. Hi,

    I am using Windows XP and the installer is closing during installation. Showing a windows error message. Please help me. What can be the problem ?


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