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Emoticons make your messages attractive and give your words life. Yes, the small smiley indicates your happy mood and your friends can easily feel that. These emoticons are a part of our text messaging and almost all messaging apps are now supporting them. There are free applications to enable emoticons in iPhone as well as for android phone. Bellow are some popular apps used by most of the iPhone and android phone user, that can help you installing the best free emoticon app.

Emoji for iPhone

Emoji is a Free iPhone app that enables you to add Emoticons  to your text messages, emails and notes. This app shows you the emoji keyboard while writing a text message, email or note and it becomes easy for you to add them. Basically this app uses the icons present in your iPhone or iPod Touch and shows you an easy keyboard to add them. We all love these nice and cool emoticons and this app is the best way to use them cleverly. With a list of more than 460 cool icons this app is better than any premium emoticons app.  Follow the bellow given link to download this popular app from iTunes store.

Download Emoji Free!

Free Emoticons for iPhone

This 7MB sized app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 3.0 or later to run perfectly. However the app has been tested successfully with iOS 4.0 . This is a great app for iPhone users but non Apple users can’t see these emoticons as they are available only for Apple users. This app uses the inbuilt icons of the iOS devices and you can’t use different icons.

Handcent Emoji Plugin for Android

You can send colorful and different stylish emoticons from your android tablet or phone through this Handcent Plugin. Yes, it’s a plugin to use with your handcent app. The user should install the handcent app first and then install this plugin to enable emoticons. If you are sending SMS  with emoticons from your android device by using Handcent Emoji plugin to another android user, the emoticons can only be displayed properly if this app has been installed on his/her device. But it works nicely when you are sending SMS with emoticons to an iPhone user. No app is needed to be installed in iPhone. Every emoticons will be displayed perfectly.

Download Handcent Emoji Plugin for Android


Emoticons for Android

 It’s a very simple and free app for your android phone to send emoticons via SMS or email. You can find so many emoticons with different emotions. Also it’s  easy to use with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and whatsapp application.

Download Emoticons

How to enable emoticons on android

Emoji Plus

A paid app for iPhone users. Pay $0.99 to get this app for your iOS device. This works fine with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This is a very light weight app and compatible with iOS 2.0 or latter. This adds a nice emoticon keyboard to the iPhone default Keyboard. Follow the instructions bellow to enable this app and use with your iPhone Keyboard.

  • Install and launch this app.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose general option.
  • Find international option there and select that.
  • Now select Keyboards option.
  • after that tap on “Add New Keyboard” and select “Emoji” .
  • Reboot the iPhone

Download Emoji Plus 

Emoji Plus for iPhone

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