Google Goggles Let You Search by Taking Pictures

Download Google Goggles app for iphoneThis free app for your mobile phone makes it easy to search things. When you found a something new or interesting and you wish to know more about that, what we normally do is type that thing in Google and it shows us the search results or details. This app help you know about those kind of things just by taking a picture. The image recognition technology recognizes objects and returns relevant search results. Its very useful to identify barcodes, famous landmark, artwork, storefronts, products etc. Install the Google Goggles app and run it. Capture some image with some texts. The app will now analyze the picture and show you the information about the captured thing.Remember that this only scans the texts written somewhere in that picture. It doesn’t recognize the object you captured. Based on the texts written on the object or in the photo it analyzes and show you the information. It doesn’t take you to the Google search result, but will show you the information directly. This also works amazingly with Visiting cards. When you got a Visiting card just take a picture of that visiting card using Google Goggles. This app will identify the address, email id and phone number easily and you can save that as a contact on your Mobile phone easily with one click. See the video bellow to know how it works.

You can use this application with your iPhone or android powered mobile phone. Its available at android market and also in iTunes store. Find the links bellow to download this app. As per the users opinion, this app works great and its a necessary app for every one. It saves your time and gives you an amazing experience of searching the web.

Download Google Goggles app for iPhone
Download Google Goggles app for android

How to use Google Goggles

Watch the Video bellow to see how the app works.

For iPhone Users:
This app supports iOS 4.0 and requires iOS 3.0 or later as a minimum. You can use this app with iPad and its compatible for iPod touch also. Made by Google this app is 8.6 MB in size and works fine on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Appart from the english laguage it also supports other 28 languages which is a great thing. To see which language it supports please visit the download link for iPhone given above. The new updates to this app also supports the Voice Search. Just speak to your iPhone and the app will search about that and bring the iPhone to your ear and you can listen about the query.

For Android Users:
This app supports android 1.6 or latter. The size of the application is 1.8M and its free to install and use. More tahn 50,000,00 users are using this app as per the stats showing at android market website.

Another Video You may find Useful about this app

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