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Set your Goal, Start it, Continue and Finish it. If you are too lazy to finish anything, this Goal Master App is a great tool. This  is just like a close friend of you, who reminds about your goal, show you the progress you have done and in how many days/hours you have completed the task. Being a powerful tool for managing and improving your daily habits, the Goal Master App is now free (previously paid) to download. Find the download link of the app bellow this paragraph.

Download Goal Master App

Download Goal Master Free

This Powerful and motivational app has the following features:

  • Create and define your own Goal categories and save it.
  • Both the things you wish to do and not wish to do, can be set through this app and you can track the progresses.
  • Set Multiple Goals and define, which goal should be active on which day.
  • The user-friendly view to short and organize multiple Goals and then view the goals of a day or in a monthly basis.
  • The progress charts are to help you to know, how much you have achieved and how much remains.
  • There is also scores, you can set and get the scores as per your performance.
  • If you don’t wish others to know about your personal goals, you can hide it from everyone with the privacy pin protect option.
  • The options to set the start date and end date are also available.
  • When you are changing devices, you can access your data online through the backup option. Take a backup and save it online, then download and restore it via another iOS device.
  • Receive alerts and reminders about your un-finished Goals

Other Free Apps of Similar Use

Touch Goal Lite :Download Goal Tapper Lite

This is another Goal/habit tracker app for your iPhone. There is a Pro version available and this one is the lite version. Set up your daily Goals and track them with graphs. Graphs are available for first, third, sixth and twelfth months. You can backup your data and also restore it when you wish. However the free version allows you to add up to 3 Goals/Habits.

Download Touch Goal Lite

Goal Tapper Lite :

Download Touch Goal LiteThe Lite version of Goal Tapper app helps you to set and track your career and professional Goals. Two types of Goals named as “Goals” and “Objective” available to set your Goals with 5 set of of categories. These are : Knowledge, Satisfaction, Skills, Financial and Experience. Although these are the default categories, but you can easily modify and rename them as per your need. You can also set reminder alerts for goals never miss anything. The option to integrate this app with Facebook, notifies your friends abut your accomplishment of certain Goal. Also you can keep your data safe with the help of Password protection feature.

Download Goal Tapper Lite 

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