How to Download Facebook Photos/Albums to iPhone

Download Facebook Photos to iPhoneSaving the Facebook photos to your iPhone one by one is not an easy process and you have to spend hours, if the list of photos is large. So all you need is an app that can download all the selected photos from Facebook or the whole photo album in one attempt. That will save your time and you can get the desired photos from Facebook to your iPhone. So there are some app for the iPhone for this purpose and I am going to describe about two smart app, those are very useful to download the photos or the full photo album from Facebook.

1. FB Photos Download

A special introductory price is available to download this Facebook photo downloader is available for the first 3000 downloads. So be quick and take the advantage of this limited offer. However you can buy this app for $0.99 and after the offer the cost will rise to $1.99.

This app is known as Facebook photo download terminator. You can use this app to download hundreds of photos with just one touch. This can help you to download the photos from the albums, profile photos and photos in stream etc. with a single touch. The image quality will not be hampered and you can download the photos in high quality or it’s original quality

Download FB Photos Download

 Download Facebook Photo Album to iPhone

2. Fotoleech

This is another app for downloading Facebook photos to your iPhone in a batch. You can find the download link of this paid iPhone app bellow and this will cost you $0.99 to buy. This app will work in a similar way as the previous one. After installing launch this app and you can find the Facebook connect button in the bottom left corner. So you need to login and connect your Facebook account with this app. After that find that Big square button on the middle of the iPhone screen and tap it. This will start extracting the Facebook photos you are tagged in.  So this app is helpful to download large number of photos in a single click to your iPhone and you can view them in offline mode too.

Download Fotoleech for iPhone

Facebook Photo to iPhone Download App

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