Customize Your iPhone Screen with Background Splitter

Customize iPhone ScreenDo you feel your iPhone wallpaper looks boring and you need to change it to another. At the same time, have you wished to use different images for different segments of the iPhone screen? Yeah, you might wished that, but there are no such option to do the same. So this requirement can be fulfilled by using an app called as Background Splitter and the good news is that this app can be downloaded for free. Previously it was a paid app but you can download the app for free due to the recent price drop.

Download Background Splitter

This app will enable you to use high definition images as the background wallpaper and also you can customize the image as per your wish. Not only a single image, but also you can use different photos or images and join or split them as per the requirment. Take a look at the bellow image. You can also customize your iPhone screen like that and use separate images on different segments. That way your iPhone screen will look unique and different from others.

The background splitter is one of the best tool for wallpaper segmentation and combination. You can choose the images to use in the segmentation like the status bar, the time area, the photo area and the unlock area. Also you can save the customized background wallpaper as the system wallpaper.

Customized iPhone Screen app

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