4 Chrome Extension to Customize the Look of Facebook

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Google chrome is getting more popular day by day and the extensions make it more useful. Although we know, we can’t change the look, color of Facebook but most of us wished, if there is any such feature to make our Facebook more beautiful and unique from other friends. There are also some external tools available to do this like the Google Chrome extensions. So you can customize the look of Facebook with the help of these extensions, if you are using Facebook with Google Chrome web browser.

So here are 4 selected Extensions, you can use and change the color, background, login screen etc and make your Facebook experience unique from others.

 FB Refresh :

Customize Facebook login screen

A nice extension to change the look of your Facebook log in screen. You can select and use any of your favorite background picture on it and the log in section appears at the middle of the screen. To use this extension click on the bellow given link and install the extension. I order to see it’s effect and the changed log in screen, you have to log out from Facebook, if you are logged In already. To change the background image there is an option available near the log in section. Find the “Gear” icon just above the “Log In” button and click on it. In the next step, put the URL of the background image in the box provided and click on the save button. If the background image is too small, you can also decide to repeat that in horizontally or vertically.

Download and Install FB Refresh

Facebook Colour Changer

Change Facebook colors

Don’t like that blue header of Facebook ? Here is the solution to change the color scheme of Facebook. Use this browser extension with Google Chrome to give your Facebook a very different look. You can pick your favorite color and use it to change the color of Facebook header, Texts, links etc. Isn’t it cool? Find the download link of this awesome extension bellow and install it. After installing, you will find the look of Facebook as normal as before and you can find the icon of “Facebook Color Changer” at the right side of the address-bar just like the above screen shot. Click on that and you will find two color sections to make the change. Choose the best matching colors from those two sections and give your Facebook a very different look.

Download and Install Facebook Colour Changer

Facebook Background Changer

Change Facebook Background

Change the background of Facebook from normal white look to some different background. However you can’t choose a background image from your computer hard drive or from the web. So you have to choose any one image from the list provided. Download and Install it from the bellow given link and after installing you can see the icon of “Facebook Background Changer” near the address-bar. Click on that and you will find the customization section. Change the background image as you like. You can also revert the background to the default Facebook background at anytime by choosing the “Normal Facebook” option there.

Download and Install Facebook Background Changer

FB Rounder

Customize Facebook

A nice and cute extension for Google chrome users to make the Facebook boxes and the images round shaped. Whether it’s the “Status Update” box or “Comment Box” or the search box, this amazing extension will make each one round shaped and I am sure, you’ll love the new look. Find the download link of this cute extension bellow and install it.

Download and Install FB Rounder

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