Create Handwritten Notes with neu.Notes+ [iPhone/iPad App]

Write or draw notes on your iPhone or iPad. neu.Notes+ is one of the best handwriting notes app for iOS users. Make a sketch with multiple colored and different types of pens, adjust the transparency and share it using twitter. Make unlimited undo and redo while writing, make handwritten PDF document with multiple pages and use stylus palm guard to write notes. You can create and organize notes/drawings into notebooks and separate them with different levels.

Premium Features:

You can short the notebooks as per your need. Short them by the date (date of creation or modification) or by Title of the notes. Edit the elements smoothly and an image editor also available for the basic edits like selection, copy, cut, paste and move. You can arrange and view notes in thumbnail view or as a list. There is an option for the type of view. You can also move, rotate or re-size the elements inside the note. Set the page size and align, group or arrange the elements. One of the best premium option available is the dropbox integration. You can export all your notes to your dropbox account. And in the last update the app allows you to delete multiple documents at the same time .Also the latest version includes Airplay and Airprint support

Download neu.Notes+

All these exciting features with an attractive discount i.e. 80% is available for the new year sale. The normal price of the app is $4.99 and if you are buying now, this will cost you only $0.99.

Free Version

There is also a free version of this app is available in the iTunes store and you can download that for taking a test drive. All the above described features are available in that free version except the Premium features. This 9.1 MB sized free version is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and you will need iOS 5.0 or more to run the app.

Download neu.Notes [Free]

Other Similar Apps :


Download UPAD iPhone App

UPAD app can be used for reading and annotating PDF and also editing photos. This one is an amazing app for hand writing and drawing. As per the publishers, “This will surprise you when you start to write on it with a pen or finger”. The app comes with the features like : PDF Export, Airprint support, Twitter & Facebook integration and data backup etc. You can buy this app for $4.99. However another free version of this app is also available in the iTunes store. You can try the free version before buying it.

Download UPAD

Download UPAD Lite [Free]

iNoteBox HD

Download iNoteBox HD iPhone App

Take  and share notes with multimedia elements. iNoteBox HD allows you to insert images, voice recordings, videos, map and web clips in a single note. Create folders, store notes and organize them in best way. You can also protect those folders with the help of lock function. The main features of this app includes : Export notes to PDF, Password Setting for notes as well as for folders, Calender view, Google Docs and Dropbox integration, Wi-Fi backup and Restore etc. There are also two versions Free and Paid available. The Paid app costs $3.99 to buy and you may try the free version before buying.

Download iNoteBox HD

Download iNoteBox HD Lite [Free]

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