How to Send Large Files through Torrents?

Although most of us are well known about torrents but a very few people use them for sending and receiving large files. Torrents are the best way to share and send files to others, specially when you need to send large files to multiple persons. Yes, you might know about the downloading function of the torrents but not about creating torrents and sharing them for download. This small tutorial is going to help you on how to creating torrent files from your large files and sharing them online for download.

How to create a Torrent File ?

Using ĀµTorrent

Let’s start from the beginning.

1. Download the torrent client i.e. ĀµTorrent from it’s download page. Yes, there is a pro version available. But we can learn using the Free version too.

2. Install the software after being downloaded.

3. Run it. click on “file” menu and select “Create New Torrent” from the list.

4. On the new pop-up window, click on “Add file” button to select the source file. You can add folders too by clicking on the “Add directory” button. Select the source file or folder.

5. Trackers: You can see the default trackers are in the list. you may add other trackers like:

     Just put any one from the above list.

6. Leave the Web Seeds field blank and put any comments if you wish to write in the comment box. Don’t click on “Private torrent” and check the “Start seeding” box.

7. Click the “Create and save as” button. Select the location to save the torrent.

8. Click “Close” button.

So, your torrent file is ready. Send the file to your friends and they can download this by using any torrent software.

There are other torrent software available and you may use them for creating a torrent file. The steps may described above may change a little, but the processes remains same for most of them.

Now create your own torrent and share them among your friends.

Note: Don’t create and share torrents of copyrighted files or folders. It’s illegal.

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