How to Export Google Reader Data and Feeds

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We all need to export our Google Reader Data and store it with some other RSS Feed reader before it shuts down. We all have got the notice about the shut down of Google Reader and this has been a headache for most of us. There are so many useful feeds there and we all have spent a plenty amount of time for this. So it will be a wise choice to export those feeds and store them somewhere else. How to do this? Now follow this simple methods bellow.

Using Feedly: This is a simple browser extension and saves your Google Reader data. This is a quick way to copy all your useful feeds from Google Reader. There are also a

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  • Go to using Google Chrome or Firefox browser and click on “Get Feedly for Chrome” or “Get Feedly for Firefox”.
  • This will prompt you to install the extension and proceed with the installation.
  • After installing you will be redirected to the application home page. Click on “Login”. You need to login with Google account.
  • After loging in click on “Allow Access” . So this will be connected to your Google Reader and can access your data.
  • Done. Now you can find all your subscribed feeds available on your browser and you can read them anytime. Also these feeds are synchronized and you can access them anywhere.

Using The Old Reader: A Social RSS reader in Beta Version

  • Browse and Sign in using Facebook or Google Account. It will be easy to copy your Google Reader data, if you select the Sign in  through Google. Else you can login through Facebook too. “Allow access” to the app to use your Google account or Facebook account.
  • After Loging in click on “Import” link located on the top right corner. The next page will ask you to import the OPML file. Yes, as directed on that page you can upload the OPML file or Subscription.xml file to Import your Google Reader. What is OPML File? how to get the file for your Google Reader.
  • Google has a Takeout page and there you can download all your data associated with your Google Account. So Go to Google Takeout Page and Login to your account. Click on the Reader Link
  • Under the “Choose Services ” section click on “Reader” and then click on “Create Archive”.  Then Click on Download link. Unzip the downloaded file. You can find the XML file there.
  • Now Import the Subscriptions.xml file. It may take some time or days if the queue is very big. So wait for your turn and you can start using this with all your old feeds imported from Google Reader.


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