How to Enable “Ask Questions” Feature in Facebook

Facebook QuestionsAfter Activating this feature you can ask questions to friends in Facebook. There are other websites like Yahoo Answers or But Facebook’s “Ask Questions” will enable you to ask questions to your friends. As an added feature you can also add poll option in your question. So if your question is to choose one answer from multiple options, it will be easy for your friends to Answer that. The question will be shared among your friends and to their friends.

How this Service can help Facebook users?

Most of the Facebook users remain online and active through out the day. If any of their friend asks a question regarding any matter, this question will be shown on their Facebook home page. So there is a good chance of getting answers from your friends in a very short period. And the answer will be from your friends, whom you can trust. So Facebook will be a good place to ask questions.

Facebook Ask Questions

As Facebook is trying to add all kinds of features for its users, So a Facebook user will not have to go anywhere. Few weeks ago we came to know about the Facebook Deals which is also a great addition and helpful thing for it’s users.

How to Enable “Ask Questions” in Facebook

Activate Questions on Facebook

  • Find and Click on the Green Button that says “Get Questions Now(As this is a new feature, Facebook will be rolling out this to all the users, but if you are in a hurry and need to ask a question now, click on that Green button)
  • You will see the Success message in  a pop-up window and click “Okay” button.
  • Done Facebook Questions is now activated. The next page will show you all the questions asked by your friends. Answer them if you wish.

How to Ask A Question on Facebook

How to ask Questions in Facebook

  • Find the “Question” option near “Status” option and click on it.
  • Write the question in the Box.
  • You can also add options to answer the question like a Poll. Click on the “Add Poll Options” and input the possible answers to select.
  • Finally Click on “Ask Question” button.
  • Done. Now receive Answers from your friends.

Ask Question on Facebook

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