Play Angry Birds on Facebook

Now you can play your favorite Angry Birds game on Facebook platform. Yes, Angry Birds have arrived on Facebook. Although it was scheduled to be 14th Feb, 2012 (i.e. the Valentines day), for the launch of Angry Birds game in Facebook, but all the birds gave the Fans a surprise by arriving a day earlier. Previously this popular smartphone game got a huge success on Google Chrome web store, being the most installed Google Chrome game. Now it’s the time to rule the Facebook world. There are millions of Fans of this game in Facebook and it’s expected to be one of the most popular and most played game in Facebook network very soon.

Play Angry Birds on Facebook

Play Angry Birds on Facebook 

New levels and new powers for the angry birds in this Facebook version of the game are the main attraction in this season. More levels and powers yet to come in the next updates. Like the fan page of Angry birds on Facebook to get the updates and news. There are daily rewards for you, when you play this game regularly. If you are lucky enough and played this game on this Valentines day, you might have received your valentines Gift. This gift may be “Power-ups”. I got 14 Power-ups.

This Facebook version of the game is in BETA and there are three different main levels including the the exclusive Facebook special level i.e.  “Surf and Turf”. The others are “Poached Eggs” and “Mighty Hoax”. There are 360 levels in totals for Facebook players where the Poached eggs section has 189, Surf and Turf has 45 and Mighty Hoax has 126 different levels. The score will be displayed on the board and you can invite your Facebook friends to the game. You can view their scores and levels too. Just like other popular Facebook games this game has also the options to play in Full screen mode and collect your gifts from the Inbox. The Avatar section is not activated yet and has a coming soon notice displayed. So you can also choose and make your own avatar in the coming days.

Play the Game, Score High, Get more levels and share it among your Facebook Friends.

You can also download the iPhone and iPad version of the game here and if you wish the Free version of Angry Birds game click here. If you have a Android phone download the Game here. Google chrome users can also play Angry Birds for Chrome from Chrome web store.

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