How to Log In to Multiple Gmail/Facebook/Yahoo accounts at Once in Google Chrome

This is not about the multiple sign-in option available in Gmail and this post is also not limited for gmail users. You can also sign-in to multiple Facebook accounts, multiple Yahoo Email accounts or multiple hotmail accounts etc. by using a simple feature available on your Google Chrome Web Browser. Yes, no need to logout and login again for accessing a different accounts for any website. Bellow are the simple steps on how to access multiple accounts of the same website at the same time and with one browser.

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Click on the “wrench” icon located on the top right corner.
  • Now click on the “options” from the drop-down list. The options will be displayed on a separate tab.
  • From the left side navigation, click on the “Personal Stuff” link.
  • Find the “Users” section and click on the “Add new user” button. Now a new Google chrome window will be opened and you can see a new user added to the list.
  • You can also customize the name and icon of the users. To do that, double click on the user displayed in the list and you can see the edit window. Change the name and icon as per your like.
  • So you have created a new user. Now we are going to sign-in to multiple accounts. Be sure that you have at-least two Gmail or Yahoo or Facebook accounts available.
  • Click on the “top-left” corner of Google Chrome and you can see the number of users you have created. Click on any one of them and a new window will be opened. Let’s say them “user-windows”. So you create multiple users and open multiple user-windows. Now time to log-in to different accounts of the same website at different user-windows.

Is that worked ?

You can also use the incognito window option available in Google chrome to sign-in to two different accounts. But not more than two logins and the incognito window has some limitations too . So the above option is the better way to fulfill your needs.

Although Gmail has the “multiple sign-in” option available, but sometimes we don’t wish to give access multiple sign-in option to every Gmail accounts including the Google apps email. So the above method is one of the best way to solve this problem.

You can install apps and extensions differently to each user-windows So these are not the “user-windows” only. These are just like you have installed multiple Google chrome browsers.

Let me know your views about this post and your experience about using this tip. If any problem faced let me know by commenting bellow.

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