5 Chrome Extensions to Make PDFs from Webpages

Sometimes we need to convert a webpage to PDF and it is not always possile to install a software for this. As we know this is very rare when we need to convert a webpage to PDF document, so there should be some kind of easy ways to do this process. If you search you can also find some online web to PDF converter websites available, which are useful for this shortterm requirments. But if you need this again you have to recall the websites or search again.

However There are some Extensions for your Google Chrome browser, which are very easy to use and you don’t need to remember the name of the service provider or no need to search them again. These are not heavy software or paid. Just install any one from the following list and make your PDFs easily from the webpages.

1. Web2PDFConverter

PDF Creation Tooll From Webpage

It’s a very Good tool for your purpose and it can show you the PDF after conversion by using Google Docs. Yes, you can save the document to your computer too.

Download Web2PDFConverter

2. Save as PDF

Google Chrome Extension to Make PDFs

Another one to install from Google chrome Extension Gallery to help you in making PDFs from the webpages. This app has also a paid version available with features like editing the PDF Document, setting up margines, making password protect etc.

Download Save as PDF

3. Webpage to PDF

Webpage to PDF

As the name says, this is another Google Chrome extension to make PDFs from Webpages. You can print the document easily after conversion. There are also options to share converted PDF document.

Download Webpage to PDF



A simple and lite google chrome extension which uses the technology of pdfmyurl.com to convert the webpages to PDF files. Install it and try.

Download PDFmyURL

5. Pdfy me!

Make PDFs from Webpages

It’s the official Google Chrome extension of the PDF converter website pdfy.me . Download it from the bellow givel link and install to chrome. This can convert your favorite webpages into PDF files with a single click.

Download Pdfy me!

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